Steal the Show, a HEROIC Podcast

Trends & Resources for Thought Leaders

Michael and Queena Bergen tackle your questions on creative, engaging public speaking.

Orlando Bowen discusses transforming adversity into advocacy and empowerment with speaking.

Insights on using social media to enhance your brand as a thought leader.

Luria shares expert insights on elevating your online video and livestream performances.

Dive into the essentials of booking speeches, branding, and performance in this episode.

Judson Laipply discusses embracing change and growth in speaking careers.

Explore effective tax strategies with CPA Matt Rzepka to maximize your earnings.

Explore strategies to protect your income, family, and estate for financial stability.

Removing emotion from investing and effective portfolio asset allocation strategies.

Michael and Matt explore choosing financial advisors and spotting red flags in finance.

Michael and Matt use detective skills to explore smart savings strategies for speakers.

Setting up your business as a personal family bank for financial growth and security.

Learn to manage business debt and increase cash flow in this reassuring episode.

Decode business jargon and master finance with our latest episode!

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Performance faculty coach Kate on stage teaching female student on stage at HEROIC Campus.
What it Takes to Become a Speaker-Author

It’s no coincidence that successful speaker-authors rarely stop at one book.

Josh Bernoff
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