Recovering College Professor. Speaker. Consultant. Coach.Michael Hudson was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at an early age—starting his first business when he was just seven years old. He went on to start a disc jockey business in his teens, and a cabinet and countertop business with his father while in college, before running away from home to become a college professor.During his tenure in academia he spearheaded two nationally recognized business programs, one at Cornell University and the other at the University of Illinois, before leaving the academic world to turn to his entrepreneurial passions. Since then he has worked with the leaders of over 3,000 businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and government agencies helping them define their visions, develop their leaders, and design their cultures.After growing up petrified to speak in public, Michael committed to helping people develop their ability to communicate their messages to those who need to hear them. He regularly speaks at conferences and conventions sharing his personal story—revealing the power of personal experiences to lead audiences to take action—and has delivered over 8,000 paid presentations across the past 34 years.Michael recently partnered with a long-time client to build a transformational development program for aspiring leaders.

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