J. Lee

Writing Faculty, Lead Business Faculty

Andrea is a writer, editing strategist, leadership coach, and watercolorist. She’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders—people who are caring, daring, and a little bit bonkers—create intellectual property that generates revenue while solidifying their thought leadership.

Her own writing includes Multiple Streams of Coaching Income, which was heralded as “the Bible for coaches who want to make money” back when people used to say “what sport?” when you told them you were a coach. She also wrote We Need to Talk: Your Guide to Challenging Business Conversations and articles in Filter-Free Parents and the Washington Post.

She is a loud and proud alumni of HEROIC's GRAD School, where she first met AJ Harper, her writing coach, and reconnected with Michael, who she once cohosted a workshop with in New York, back when he had hair. She has taught and presented on stages in Ecuador, India, Romania, the US, the UK, and the smallest Chamber of Commerce in Canada.

Andrea is first-generation Canadian of Taiwanese parents, living near Bobcaygeon, Ontario.

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