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The most comprehensive and effective speaker training programs in the world.

A HEROIC woman alumni delivers a speech on stage, captivating an enthusiastic audience in a full auditorium.

The most comprehensive and effective speaker training programs in the world.

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Master Speech Writing
Master Performance
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Master the Business

The only way to reach the top is to build a better speech and improve your ability to perform it. We can help.

We can help you become a referable speaker. One who surprises and delights audiences with an immediately relevant, transformational, visionary speech—a speech that entertains, while changing the way the audience feels, thinks, and acts.

Not all our students want to be paid to speak, but if you do, you’ll book more high profile gigs at higher fees with fewer objections. Either way, you’ll be chosen because of what you can do on the stage…rather than what you did in your past. And when you take your bow, you’ll have your audience on their feet.

Our Approach
Photo credit: HEROIC Alumni Michelle Curran, Air Force Thunderbird pilot and combat veteran.

Who is this for?

Amateur & Professional Speakers Company Founders Entrepreneurs Mission-Driven Leaders Public Figures Thought Leaders Coaches & Consultants Athletes Influencers Military & Law Enforcement Executives Politicians (but only the nice ones) and more...

Our Proven

Through a variety of virtual and in-person events, training programs, and courses, we’ll take you from idea, to first draft, to best-in-class speaker.

CORE Curriculum

The HEROIC Core Curriculum is where all students begin, regardless of specialty. The courses in our Core Curriculum are structured for both early-stage ideas and in-progress work.

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On campus
2 days



The Breakthrough Experience

All students start at our celebrated 2-day event held on the HEROIC Campus. This event is designed for subject matter experts, visionary thought leaders, and mission-driven leaders of all experience levels. CORE | The Breakthrough Experience is a pre-requisite for all other HEROIC programs, and it's an exclusive FREE event, by invitation or application only.

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Four students—three females and one male—smiling and laughing in the front row of the HEROIC Theater at HEROIC Campus during the CORE | The Breakthrough Experience.

GRAD Curriculum

Our GRAD programs are for aspiring and professional speakers who want to achieve their creative and career potential and learn from the best writers, performers, and speakers in the industry.

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3 months



Speech Writing Mastery

Master a repeatable process for creating, building, and scripting ovation-worthy speeches. Take your ideas from zero to the keynote stage with visionary feedback, step-by-step instructions, and rallying support from a group of leaders just like you.

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Male student writes on yellow post-its and places them on a white wall in the HEROIC kitchen at HEROIC Campus.
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On campus & online
3 months



Stage Performance Mastery

Combine stagecraft, performance techniques, and ongoing rehearsal to create a transformational impact on stage, on screen, and every panel in between.

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Female HEROIC student stands on stage delivering a speech in the HEROIC theater, illuminated by theater lights.
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3 months



Speaking Business Mastery

Win more gigs, more often, at higher fees. Discover how to generate stageside leads and build a sustainable speaking business–no fame or speaker bureaus required.

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Students give a standing ovation to a peer performing on stage in front of a room full of peers at HEROIC Campus during the CORE | The Breakthrough Experience.

Additional Services

In addition to our main programs, we also offer add-on services to create the perfect package for you.

Discover the Right Program For You

Tell us about your goals and dreams. Our advisors and student experience managers can walk you through our programs and show you how to get started.

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HEROIC staff members, Courtney Forsburg and Julianne Hitner, pose with performance faculty coach Sarin Monae West in the kitchen at HEROIC Campus.

"HEROIC is amazing at what they do. They have created an environment where learning is fun, everyone feels included, and you know that you can succeed at being an outstanding speaker. I am so grateful to have been referred to attend HEROIC!"

Sarah Weingarten,
Academic Coach at Happy Spaces

"HEROIC is the best of the best. The material and strategy provided in making a transformational speech was transformational for me. HEROIC teaches you to expand and challenge yourself and make big choices and choose often. The environment is welcoming and supportive and encourages you to keep growing."

Cara Poppitt,
Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author

"There are a few things we do in life that we can feel in the moment are changing our trajectory - HEROIC is one of those experiences. Taking big risks is not easy but it's worth every penny and pound of sweat."

Gretchen Pisano,
CEO at pLink Leadership, Speaker, Author

"HEROIC is quite possibly the best professional speaking education in the world. This program will challenge you to think and act in ways you never have before. It has helped me become a more impactful thought leader and has forever changed me as a person. For that I am eternally grateful."

Kiley Peters,
Executive Coach, Strategic Business Advisor, Keynote Speaker
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