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A classically trained on-camera and stage actor, Samantha fell into voiceover work a decade ago, when a theater director owed her a favor after casting her in a circus musical in which she was pregnant with magical demon triplets. Seriously. Fortunately, he happened to work in the audio department for Scholastic. Sam’s happy place is now behind the mic, where she is encouraged to make funny faces and talk with her hands. She also coaches performers of all ages to do the same and develop their own authentic voice. Sam voices everything from audiobooks and cartoons to commercials and explainer videos. Occasionally, she’ll jump on stage to play with her old pal, Shakespeare, or to collaborate on new works. And every so often, she’ll try to sell you something on TV. Sam has worked with Google, Disney, Nickelodeon, BBC, Netflix, Pearson, Sweetgreen, PlayStation, Oxford University Press, and Nintendo.

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