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As a Global Director of Strategy at Deloitte, Gautam advised Fortune 500 companies on building strategic, competitive, and financial advantage. Now he is a strategy advisor, leadership coach, and professional speaker. He helps leaders and organizations achieve performance breakthroughs by guiding them on strategic decisions and leadership development. Gautam addresses challenges posed by market and competitive dynamics, mergers and acquisitions, organic growth initiatives, business model innovation, and leadership transitions.

Gautam's approach is a unique blend of business strategy and leadership coaching, allowing him to effectively facilitate meaningful leadership conversations. He works closely with leaders, equipping them with the essential mindfulness-based skills to lead both themselves and their teams, fostering better performance and collaboration.

Gautam has an MBA from Harvard Business School and an MS from the University of Virginia. He is a certified teacher from the Google-founded, neuroscience-based Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.

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